Bollington Photographic Group is a friendly, welcoming group for everyone interested in photography whether they are beginners using a camera phone or professionals using digital SLR’s. Unlike some camera clubs running competitions we are an informal group of like-minded individuals who simply enjoy taking photographs in and around our community. For further information please contact us using the form at the base of this page.

Regular monthly meetings are held at the Bollington Printshop and each year there are seasonal organised photo walks in the surrounding area. In addition, members may wish to actively paticipate in local events such as the Bollington Festival which is held every few years.


Simon Nottage had the idea of producing a photo book of images from the 2005 Bollington Festival. The problem was finding photographs of suitable quality. Janet Beech had recently retired and had helped with the Festival Box Office. Janet had a camera and plenty of enthusiasm. With no photography group in Bollington We wondered if there would be enough local interest to start one. 

In 2007 an opportunity presented itself – there was an open meeting at the Arts Centre to recruit volunteers for the 2009 Festival. The idea was pitched to the audience and a sign up sheet circulated. From this we got our first recruits. Our group held its very first meeting in September 2007. We originally called ourselves Bollington Festival Photography Group. 

Our mission statement is to document the life and locations of Bollington. We had monthly themes and meetings and were introduced to the mysteries of Flickr as a way to review our efforts. Now in our eleventh year most of that initial group are still together. New members join us periodically and despite a diverse mix of talents, we have become friends. A new way forward has presented itself, with it a new name and logo, a web site and new challenges.

For further information, prints or high resolution jpegs please contact the Group Secretary Janet Beech – using the email address shown below.