BPG Knowlege Hub

Welcome to our members-only Knowledge Hub.

Inside, you will (hopefully!) find an answer to your photographic queries and quandries. Practical pointers, Technical Tips, and everything photographic in-between.

Our knowledge hub is a valuable resource accessible to members only, and for convenience, is split into two sections: A comprehensive Reference library for all things photographic, and a private discussion forum manned by our members.

Reference Library

For in-depth answers to common photographic questions, please head over to our growing library of technical and practical information.  Topics are being continually added to by our knowledgeable team but please drop us a line if you want something specific that hasn’t already been covered elsewhere.

Subjects include Equipment choices (gear, lenses camera types etc.), Photographic method, composition, lighting,  and best practice to help you take great images and improve your photography.

Members' Forum

For wider ranging photographic questions on specifics, or if you want one-to one answers, head over to our forum. When you joined, you subscribed to one or more groups. Each group ‘focussing’ on a specific subject, will have an attached forum where you will be able to ask specific questions of like-minded members, browse specifics and generally become involved.